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For the ones that feel like they do not have a voice and for the ones who keep improving themselves but society still frowns upon, Steve Robertson offers his debut book titled Life Experiences.


The Stages of Life!


Growth can be a beautiful thing when you

keep everything in the right perspective.


Life has a way of adding value to your worth.

In the beginning when you were just barely

old enough to get out and experience life you

may felt like donating yourself to science

fiction. But to the near ending of your personal

journeys which consist of ups and downs like

a jet plane running in and out of bad weather feeling

all the turbulences that it caused.

You’re trying to hold it steady while waiting

on better days and if you finally make it

through; you can come out feeling priceless!


Negativity: sometimes in order

to go forward we have to:


Throw it all up against the wall, to

the wall with it all; then move on


This journey is heading toward

the number 7-Complete


My mind was first into rock and roll,

then jazz, then rhythm and blues and

now this spiritual thing called soul!